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Culture clash - the challenge of innovation through acquisition
IoT Business Index 2017: Transformation in Motion




Towards a successful metaverse: the case for measuring enabling factors

The metaverse’s immense promise is at once clear and clouded in uncertainty. The word metaverse’s etymology — it combines the Greek word for “beyond” with the latter syllable of “universe” — signals limitless possibilities. Today, the term is attached to a variety of promising applications and digital environments related to education, healthcare, entertainment and social interactions, accessible via both new technologies and older ones.  

Building business value - Resilience in a rapidly evolving global environment

Its definition depends on the target of the value. According to Nobel-winning economist Milton Friedman, shareholders were considered to be the main recipients. Today, however, businesses face pressure to create value for a wider range of stakeholders—employees, customers, the supply chain and the communities in which they operate. This shift expands value beyond what can be measured in purely monetary terms.

Bridging the skills gap: Fuelling careers and the economy in Pakistan

The survey respondents were drawn from across 14 markets in the region, out of which 11.8% were Gen Z (born in 1997-2012), 63.2% were Millennials (1981-96) and 25% were Gen X (1965-80). They all worked in a diverse mix of industries.

Bridging the skills gap: fuelling careers and the economy in Hong Kong

The survey respondents were drawn from across 14 markets in the region, out of which 11.8% were Gen Z (born in 1997-2012), 63.2% were Millennials (1981-96) and 25% were Gen X (1965-80). They all worked in a diverse mix of industries.

Digital public infrastructure: building the rails of the digital revolution

These digital rails facilitate a more inclusive provision of digital goods and services with massive economic returns. These rails usually come in the form of a stack, comprising all the technologies required to operate an application: computer languages, architecture, libraries, servers, user interfaces and experiences, and software.

The Intelligent Transformation Index

The Intelligence Transformation Index explores the usage of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and big data analysis by businesses across 33 countries. As part of the study, a survey of businesses in China was conducted to compare the world’s second largest economy with its OECD peers.

The outlook series: behind the data—10 things that will matter in 2023

The Advanced Analytics team at Economist Impact answers important global questions by applying economic and data-science techniques. We analyse a range of issues, including trade, remote work, food security and scope-3 emissions. We love data. It can provide insights that confirm or challenge our preconceptions, empowering us to understand the world better.

Here’s a summary of what is currently on our minds:

The pace of innovation is slowing

Digitisation has progressed far among businesses in Singapore—but it is proceeding at different speeds, and many organisations are lagging

The Future of Europe's Data Economy

From an innovation point of view, access to data can lead to groundbreaking discoveries. Take, for example, data modelling for the property comparison of molecules in drug discovery; the gathering of data from smart metres to balance power supply; or the collection of data for measuring and reducing carbon emissions. Opportunities are vast and, as a result, there is an economic as well as social incentive to widen access to data.

Shifting gears: procurement refocuses on risk and sustainability

This report is a compilation of changing procurement trends based on a survey of 430 C-level executives conducted between January and February 2022. Economist Impact conducted the accompanying research and interview programme of practitioners and subject-matter experts.

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