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Culture clash - the challenge of innovation through acquisition
IoT Business Index 2017: Transformation in Motion




Multimodal learning framework: leveraging best practices to support students

By leveraging compelling insights from faculty and student surveys, expert interviews and desk research, this report provides a playbook of best practices to support educators’ use of multimodal learning to achieve a range of outcomes.

AI comes of age: Putting customers and employees at the heart of data-driven journeys



From online bazaar to one-stop-shop: The rise of super-apps in the Middle East and Africa

In 2021 WeChat, China’s dominant social media and payment app, announced that it had reached 1.2bn monthly users, making it one of the popular standalone apps in the world. What originated as a humble messaging app has over the past decade transformed into a single portal bundling together millions of third-party apps, allowing customers to do anything from payment transfers, buying bus tickets and purchasing luxury goods to transferring their monthly rent.

AI comes of age: Putting customers and employees at the heart of data-driven journeys

AI comes of age: Putting customers and employees at the heart of data-driven journeys

Food 4.0: Technology in Agriculture and Food


Pandemic response: learnings from the World Health Summit keynote session

Key findings from the World Health Summit - including rethinking pandemic preparedness, sustaining and developing innovative partnerships, and the need for action before the world “moves on” from covid-19.

Pandemic preparedness: lessons from covid-19

David Humphreys, Economist Impact's global practice leader for health policy, will co-chair the Pandemic preparedness: lessons from covid-19 session at this year's World Health Summit. In this article, he highlights the importance of research to tackle future health challenges, as well as examples of our latest pandemic-related work.

UNCTAD: 2021’s other critical conference

The UNCTAD conference took place at a crucial moment for trade and development.

IT’s changing mandate in an age of disruption

Covid-19 forcibly accelerated companies’ digital transformation plans. However, against this backdrop, IT departments have often found themselves side-lined from digital transformation decisions. Exacerbating a trend that predates the pandemic, siloed, distributed teams within organisations have increasingly made their own choices over new tools, technologies and digital strategies.

Artificial Intelligence & Cybersecurity: Balancing Innovation, Execution and Risk

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation across industries, creating newfound benefits to efficiency but also exposing new risks to organizational networks as technology adoption rises and employees increasingly work remotely. As a result, there has been a rapid uptick in the number of cyberattacks, ranging from mundane efforts to gather important business and personal information to highly sophisticated attacks on critical infrastructure.

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