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Culture clash - the challenge of innovation through acquisition
IoT Business Index 2017: Transformation in Motion




The digitisation of finance

The second episode of The EIU Digital Economy podcast examines the impact of digital technology on the financial services industry. Host Pete Swabey is joined by Greg Baxter, chief digital officer at US insurance company MetLife, and Tejal Mody, head of business development for Rabobank’s wholesale banking division, to discuss how digitisation has shaped insurance and banking so far, how they lead digital innovation within their organisations, and how the evolution of the industry will affect their employees and customers.


The Urban Transit Evolution

This new report, sponsored by Siemens UK, which reviews some of the urban mobility challenges facing well-established, congested cities. It provides a roadmap for city leaders to overcome these challenges, with a focus on factors to consider when making decisions around infrastructure projects and transport policies.

Key findings of the report include:

Banking on Big Data

Big data is the key to better risk management.

Changing with the times: category management at a crossroads

This report was written by Siddharth Poddar and edited by Pooja Chaudhary and Harsheen Sethi, with support from Amanda Simms on sub-editing. Economist Impact wishes to thank the following experts for their participation in the interview programme:
• Alan Day, chairman and founder, State of Flux
• Pardeep Gill, chief procurement officer (CPO) and vice president of supply chain, Ameren
• Phil Ideson, founder and managing director, Art of Procurement
• Lisa Martin, senior vice president, global procurement, and CPO, GSK

Infographic | New ways of work: Spotlight on workplace transformation in South-East Asia

Infographic | New ways of work: Spotlight on workplace transformation in North Asia

Infographic | New ways of work: Spotlight on workplace transformation in India

Infographic | New ways of work: Spotlight on workplace transformation in Australia

Privacy in Asia-Pacific: Shifting perspectives and changing expectations

<p><strong>An evolving conversation&nbsp;</strong></p>

<p>Data privacy may seem like a modern concept but has its roots in the 1890s, when the introduction of portable cameras and “snapshot” photos led to legal fights over the right to disseminate such images in newsprint. Ever since, society and regulators have grappled with ever-evolving privacy issues created by new technologies and data collection methods.</p>

Investment in AI is booming in Latin America, but what will it mean for the region's economy?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is widely expected to transform the world economy. Latin America has experienced an investment boom in AI, driven by an opportunity to disrupt traditional business models and challenge industry incumbents.

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