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Bringing healthcare to hard-hit areas in Bangladesh




Rare paediatric neurological diseases: A focus on Europe

Rare paediatric neurological conditions are debilitating diseases with massive impacts on the day-to-day lives of children and their families. Most rare diseases have neurological symptoms, and about 90% of those affecting children have major neurological effects impacting the ability to achieve key cognitive and physical development milestones.

Mental health at work: From promise to practice

A hidden crisis made visible

Before the pandemic, mental health was often treated as an afterthought to physical health in the support offered by employers. A steady rise in ‘workforce wellness’ programs has clearly been underway in the US, driven by factors including the need to contain healthcare costs and attract and retain talent. Additionally, more progressive companies have recognised the close links between engaged employees and better business outcomes.

Infectious and non-communicable diseases in Asia-Pacific: The need for integrated healthcare

Infectious and non-communicable diseases in Asia-Pacific: The need for integrated healthcare is an Economist Impact report that is sponsored by Roche. The paper analyses the current state of policy and practice regarding infectious and non-communicable diseases in the Asia-Pacific region and advocates ways to better ensure that infectious and non-communicable diseases are tackled synergistically, given their linkages.

Confronting the fragility of medicine supply chains

Confronting the fragility of medicine supply chains is an Economist Impact report, sponsored by LEO Pharma A/S. The white paper examines the complex causes of disruptions in the supply chains for drugs, with a particular focus on their active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Disruption of supply chains was a common feature of the pandemic. Yet, the structural and economic circumstances that helped contribute to these problems were in existence well before covid-19 made its first appearance.

Creating greater accountability within the mental healthcare ecosystem

Creating greater accountability within the mental healthcare ecosystem is a report by Economist Impact exploring the current status of challenges and opportunities within mental health in the US.

Mental health is a widely discussed topic with clear barriers to sustainable, accessible and equitable care, including challenges within infrastructure and policy, technological developers and the mental health workforce. However, accountability and the assurance of quality care is absent from the conversation.

Empowering the patient voice in healthcare decisions

In the Asia-Pacific region, the cost and future sustainability of healthcare systems is a major concern for governments, driven in no small part by rapidly ageing populations. As governments continue to grapple with the economic impact of covid-19 and seek to arrest any declines in population health from missed or forgone medical care, their interest in measures that could enhance the efficiency and sustainability of healthcare systems will be heightened.

Outsmarting AMR: Economist Impact at the 2021 World Anti-Microbial Resistance Congress

Our health practice presents key insights at the 2021 World AMR Congress. Global leaders in the space came together on November 8th and 9th to discuss new innovations, partnerships and initiatives to address the global threat of AMR.

Article | The healthcare sector post-pandemic: A new paradigm emerges

For example, clinical staff in emergency rooms and intensive care units were on the frontlines treating infected patients, while many behavioural health specialists pivoted to delivering care virtually. Some challenges presented by the pandemic were wholly new, while others served to accelerate trends in motion prior to March 2020.

Infographic | Prescribing for the future: The new work paradigm in US healthcare

VIDEO | Recovery, Resilience and the Road Ahead - Healthcare

This video is part of the Recovery, Resilience and the Road Ahead programme conducted by Economist Impact and sponsored by Prudential. The program explores the impact of the pandemic-accelerated new work paradigm across five key industry verticals, including healthcare.

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