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Bringing healthcare to hard-hit areas in Bangladesh




A country-level pandemic response toolkit: Enabling lessons learned

This Economist Impact report contributes to the global effort to learn lessons from covid-19 by exploring responses to the pandemic in twelve selected countries: Australia, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Germany, Israel, New Zealand, Portugal, South Korea, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates and the United States.

Pandemic preparedness: lessons from covid-19

David Humphreys, Economist Impact's global practice leader for health policy, will co-chair the Pandemic preparedness: lessons from covid-19 session at this year's World Health Summit. In this article, he highlights the importance of research to tackle future health challenges, as well as examples of our latest pandemic-related work.

A moral imperative

As COVAX faces a shortfall of almost a third of the 2 billion doses it planned to deliver this year, urgent redress is needed

Health disparities are avoidable, unfair and cost us all


Health disparities are avoidable, unfair and cost us all

Health disparities are avoidable and unfair differences in the overall state of people’s health, their life expectancy and access to and quality of care for people in particular groups. The covid-19 pandemic has further exposed existing health disparities. 

Cancer control in the Czech Republic: Findings from the Index of Cancer Preparedness

Cancer control in the Czech Republic findings from the Index of Cancer Preparedness is an Economist Intelligence Unit report, sponsored by SOTIO and PPF. One of Europe’s ageing societies, the Czech Republic faces a growing cancer burden. Its response to cancer has been strong, helped by a generous health insurance system, a skilled workforce and advanced infrastructure. But to accelerate success, more coordination of resources is needed, as is greater attention to patient-centred care.

Prediabetes: The Economic Burden in Hong Kong

To address this need, the EIU conducted a research programme to illuminate the costs of inaction around prediabetes in Hong Kong, as well as the potential economic impact of interventions to delay the onset of type 2 diabetes (T2DM).

Health article series: exploring the role of the laboratory and its impact

Video | Vaccine-Preventable Disease Scorecard

From the report Health Systems Swimming Naked? How the covid-19 pandemic exposed vulnerabilities in paediatric immunisation programmes in emerging economies

Health Systems Swimming Naked?

When a highly disruptive event like the pandemic occurs, it places substantial stress on many of these programmes simultaneously, just as an economic downturn does on every company at once. The results for both finance and public health are revealing. To quote Warren Buffett, “only when the tide goes out, do you discover who’s been swimming naked”.

New funding appeal for unabating pandemic

New funding is urgently needed for testing, treatments, and healthcare workers protection in lower income countries

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