침묵 속의 고통: 한국의 희귀질환 인 식 및 관리현황 평가

July 16, 2020


July 16, 2020

Jesse Quigley Jones

Managing editor

Jesse is a managing editor for Economist Impact based in Asia, with a focus on healthcare.

Based in Hong Kong, Jesse has been working in Asia for over 10 years. Prior to the Economist Impact, he held roles in medical education, scientific publications and medical communications, working in multinational biopharmaceutical companies with a focus in vaccines and biologic medicines. Jesse has extensive experience researching and collating medical information and working with healthcare professionals and patient organisations to develop insight-driven communications programmes.

Jesse holds a BSc in Anatomy and Physiology from the University of Leeds. His editorial interests include the policy response to emerging public health issues and patient advocacy in infectious diseases.


2019년 11-12월, The Economist Intelligence Unit은 아시아태평양지역내 희귀질환 인식 및 관리의 과제를분석하는 연구조사의 일환으로, 한국보건의료전문가들 100명을 대상으로설문조사를 실시했다.

한국 설문조사 참가자들은 일반의/일차의료의(45%), 전문의(35%), 간호사(10%), 약사(10%)로 구성되었다. 대부분사립병원 (58%)에 종사하였고, 나머지는국공립병원(12%)과 수련병원(25%)으로나뉘었다.

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