Tan Choe Lam

Founder and managing director


Entrepreneur, industrial engineer and former member of the Queensland Seniors Council, Choe Lam Tan found his passion in aged care after his father suffered a stroke in 1981, sowing the seed that would later sprout into the development of the first culturally apt senior-living resorts in Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia, and shortly after in other Asia-Pacific countries.

As founder and managing director of two resorts in Australia and Malaysia, he is well equipped with hands-on experience in research, design, funding, construction, management and operation of resorts for seniors. He founded Jeta Gardens Group in Australia in 2002 and Jeta Care in Malaysia in 2011.

He is also a notable speaker on the topic of senior living and has in-depth knowledge on ageing issues of seniors, particularly those with Asian heritage. His success in creating the unique Jeta 4H model in senior-living resorts is highly regarded in the industry. The 4H concept comprises home, hotel, holiday resort and hospital.

Recent contributions

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