Jérôme Pezé

CEO and Founder

Tinubu Square

Jerome graduated with a Master’s Degree from the Stanford Business School and the ESC Reims Business School (France), and spent time with the French Military Academy. He then held a role with the Conseiller du Commerce Extérieur de la France, and is a member of the Commission de l’Intelligence Economique. He also served in the French Military Operational Reserve (Chief of Staff Dept.).

After 10 years’ experience in the Audit Department at Arthur Andersen and Renault S.A and the Finance Department at Paribas Group, Jérôme joined Euler-Hermes. For 10 years, he played a leading role in the Group developing both its international risk expertise and its international network, and was closely involved in many of the organisation’s international acquisitions and openings. Jérôme held a number of leading management positions including Head of Risk at Sfac, Director Commercial and Strategy of Euler-Sfac, COO of Euler-Cobac Benelux, Director Risk U/W of Euler Trade Indemnity, Chairman of Euler Risk Asia and Chairman of Group Country Risk Committee.

In 2000, Jérôme Pezé and Olivier Placca launched Tinubu Square, a specialist in trade credit management solutions.


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