Creating greater accountability within the mental healthcare ecosystem

November 22, 2021


Creating greater accountability within the mental healthcare

November 22, 2021

Taylor Puhl
Analyst, The Economist Intelligence Unit

Taylor is a senior analyst in the Health Policy Practice at Economist Impact. She works within a multidisciplinary team on research and analysis programs across the health sector. She has experience in health disparities, noncommunicable diseases, mental health, and health systems with a focus on developing countries. She specializes in primary research and evidence synthesis.

Taylor holds a Master of Science in Global Health from Georgetown University and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in public health at the University of Virginia.

Creating greater accountability within the mental healthcare ecosystem is a report by Economist Impact exploring the current status of challenges and opportunities within mental health in the US.

Mental health is a widely discussed topic with clear barriers to sustainable, accessible and equitable care, including challenges within infrastructure and policy, technological developers and the mental health workforce. However, accountability and the assurance of quality care is absent from the conversation.

This paper aims to identify areas for greater accountability across different stakeholder domains in order to better support mental health and ultimately achieve and move beyond parity in the US.

To explore how else might we advance parity in mental health, The mind matters: advancing parity in mental-health care in the US, an Economist Impact Events webinar, is available for on-demand viewing. Our panel of experts examines the need for better access to mental-health care and asks how parity of care can be advanced along with the value which we place on mental health.

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