Video | Breathing in a new era: a comparative analysis of lung cancer policies in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan

January 28, 2024

Neeladri Verma

Manager, Health Practice

Neeladri Verma is a manager with Economist Impact's Health team. She leads customised research projects for international healthcare clients, from ideation to execution. She works with multiple stakeholders and manages multidisciplinary teams, conducting quantitative and qualitative analyses across health priority themes.

Dr Verma has a rich and diverse background in health and research, focusing primarily on the Asian markets. A dental doctor by trade, she also holds an MBA from the University of Hong Kong. Prior to joining Economist Impact, she worked as a consultant at a boutique healthcare management consulting firm in Hong Kong, conducting research and strategic analyses on topics such as vaccine procurement, the role of the private sector in health reforms, health system appraisals, and multisectoral approaches to health policy.

Breathing in a new era: a comparative analysis of lung cancer policies in Taiwan, South Korea and Japan


The battle against lung cancer calls for immediate attention to improve policies, programmes, and treatment accessibility. The goal? To curb its incidence, enhance health outcomes, and uplift the quality of life for those grappling with this deadly disease.


In our previous study, “Breathing in a New Era”, we evaluated lung cancer policies across 10 Asia-Pacific countries. Now, we turn our focus to Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. How have things evolved in these economies? How can we strengthen the policies? How can we guarantee better access to treatment, thereby addressing this escalating crisis in the region?


Which territories are making strides, and where do the voids in our efforts lie?


Please watch our video, “Uncovering policy gaps to manage the growing lung cancer crisis in Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan,” (Youtube ↗) and stay tuned for our upcoming 2024 report, where we delve into a comparative analysis of lung cancer policies across Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea. This exploration will shed light on the progress made and the challenges that remain in our collective fight against lung cancer.

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