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Spotlight on the new wealth builders

March 23, 2015


March 23, 2015

Janie Hulse

Senior editor

Janie Hulse is a senior editor with The Economist Intelligence Unit's Thought Leadership team. Before joining the EIU, Janie worked with The Economist Group and other organizations as a freelance correspondent and consultant based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has also held managerial roles in the areas of marketing and research with US global companies and within US Government agencies. She holds a master's degree in economic development from the London School of Economics and a bachelor's in industrial relations from Cornell University.

Why read this report

  • New Wealth Builders constitute the world's fastest-growing and broadest wealth segment, and yet it is the least-documented group
  • They are self-made - 97% of NWBs earned their wealth, only 3% say they inherited it
  • They are modest - 83% don't consider themselves wealthy
  • Their wealth is newly acquired - 79% of NWBs acquired most of their wealth in the past ten years
  • NWBs are charitable - 97% donate to charity
  • They are global citizens - 51% travel abroad for business 3+ times per year, 48% travel abroad for pleasure 2+ times per year

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