Ben Worthy

SCADA Security Consultant

Airbus CyberSecurity

Ben Worthy (GICSP) is an ICS security professional with around 20 years’ experience in Industrial Control & Safety Systems and SCADA systems design & configuration. He works for Airbus CyberSecurity in its ICS security consultancy practice, with a focus on securing Critical National Infrastructure. Prior to joining Airbus CyberSecurity, Ben worked for Emerson, initially as control & safety systems lead engineer, and then as a network and security consultant, focussing on improving cyber security within the process environment. Ben has demonstrable experience in technically leading and managing large & complex international ICS projects in many process industries, including extensive Oil & Gas (upstream & downstream), chemical & pharmaceuticals.

Ben is also an active member the ICS Cyber Security community including IET Working group and industry workshops & conferences.

Recent contributions

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